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GEC awarded with new project of Engineering & Construction of 9 New Storage Tanks for Kuwait Oil Company,East Roudhatain
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The Bukhamseen Group with its numerous and diversified companies started off half a century ago with the vision of one man, Mr. Jawad Ahmed Bukhamseen, a pioneering and well-reputed businessman, known regionally for his business acumen, who founded the Jawad Bukhamseen Commercial Corporation in 1957. Under his able leadership, this simple company grew and diversified, ultimately moving in status from a family business to a full-fledged institution with interests in several economic sectors.

Initially, Bukhamseen Group’s contribution to the national economy was the fruit of leadership in trade, real estate and construction. As the group pursued the quest for continuous development, succeeded in matching pre-eminence in these sectors, with a robust presence in financial investment and banking, & also made a direct and significant contribution to other economic sectors such as the hospitality industry, travel and tourism, industrial production, media and communication work, and consultancy services in urban planning, civil engineering, and major development projects.

Over the last five decades, as the Group’s overall business programme witnessed steady expansion, it was continuously refined to accommodate changing times. Moreover, as the group kept moving ahead, it was keen to bring enhanced capacity to inspire more people in Kuwait and the Middle East to carry forward their business career and to involve them in Group’s efforts.

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